Exciting Work & Happy Staff
エキサイティングワーク ハッピースタッフ



We believe in mira-CLE that "JIN(people)" makes.

"人" means people often pronounced "hi-to" but sometimes we pronounce "jin".



It's a pleasure to feel connected with each staff working together. Since it's good time to devote myself for work, we want to bring up this company good with our fellows. We don't want uncomfortable relationship but want to cooperate with our fellows with our true heart. Having passionate fellows makes us improve each other through friendly competition.


Be a passionate person who has his/her own thought just like a "hot stone" to make cold water boiled at once. If you have a dream, let our fellows know your thought. That way you could be a person who can be cooperative. So work your best, play your best. That attitude would make us attractive.


Make us proud of our work and respective dreams, which would come from fair evaluation, reasonable payment, education system for bringing up and fellows who can improve through friendly competition.


Thorough service (we call it "O-MO-TE-NA-SHI" in Japanese) for our customer. Pursuit the quality beyond customer expectation and satisfaction through the service. To express this thought, we truly believe that overwhelming delicious cooking and dedicated service are required.


The important thing for business is to have a mission besides money making. It's whether your ultimate goal is "feel happy to make people happy"? That's what the business is all about, we believe. This is the foundation of the mercantile spirit that could never be fulfilled by money.



This is JINCLE's policy and way of thinking. Respect and value each other's thought and culture. Create our own culture. Proud of the policy and deliver it to all.


The place where we exchange thoughts between the president and employees. The place where the employees can express what they think to improve. What we discuss depends. Sometimes easy, sometimes severe. What kind of style should we go for a new style restaurant? What is your complain for the current organization? What do we have to change to make further improvement? What does the president think about the future? such kind of discussion we're having every month.

地域清掃(チイキセイソウ)Clean Activities

We clean our hometown by ourselves. We appreciate the place where we make business. This is an important activity for us to make hometown clean, which makes our mind clean at the same time. We've been doing this activity since our company started. We believe it important that we are to start something by ourselves.


We have part-time staff, we call them "Crew", in every restaurant. They are very important staff for our business. They often express their thoughts and learn how to engage with work. Not to mention that they've got skills, they are responsible for work. Not only to earn money from their work but also they take it as the place where they grow.

夏フェス(ナツフェス)Summer festival

We have a summer BBQ party that our staff including Crew participate in all the restaurants. We forget about our work, we compliment each other, fighting for heat in summer here. We can feel everyone's passion. And it's just fun!


Work is just like a play that we truly enjoy.

The reason why I got to think to establish a company by myself is 自分の描く理想の会社が無かったから。
because there was no such company that would meet my ideal image.

With mutual care and with people eager to grow up each other, comfortably organized, シンプルで、フェアで、楽しい、ワクワクする感じの会社。
simple, fair, fun and exciting company. 自分達で自分達の経営する会社、とでも表現すればいいのかな?
Let's say, the company that is created and managed by ourselves. 人の成長や、その仲間が集まることで、
We believe that growing people and good fellows 引き出されるミラクルを信じてるという感じ。
make a miracle. Just like that.

There was no such company at that time. でもそういう会社で働きたいな…。
But I wanted to work for such company. 自分が全力を出して働ける会社、
The company where I can go all out for work. そういうところじゃなきゃ嫌だな、と。
I didn't want to work for any company other than that.

Thinking about such thing, I found it best for me to start a company by myself. その自分の理想の会社の思い描く基準は、
The standard for my ideal company is 「自分が働くなら、全力出して働けるか。」
"whether I can go all out or not if I would work for the company".

Feeling happiness differs from person to person. 僕自身は「何かしら難しいコトに挑んで、それを達成した時」にとても喜びを感じる。
I feel happy when we accomplish something difficult to achieve. 今、僕自身は理想の会社という、とっても難しいコトに挑んでいるつもり。
Now I'm challenging to create my ideal company. そんな中でお店の成長があり、仲間の成長がある。
Meanwhile there's company's growth and fellow's growth. それが会社全体の成長にもなる。
That would make the company grow.

This we want to realize 毎日「しぶとく」頑張ってます。
and we're endeavouring everyday for.


Company Name JINCLE Inc.
Business description Restaurant management
Establishment June,2001
Capital 30 million yen
Annual turnover: 800 million yen
executive CEO : Hiroaki Kobayashi
Board Member : Jun Sugiyama
employee number employee:30 / part time employmen:200
Location 5-21-13, Honcho, Shiki-shi, Saitama, 353-0004, Japan
TEL 048-487-9373
FAX 048-487-9378


Welcome to "Ramen no Mamezo"! The first original Ramen no Mamezo opens in Soka.
Beans Corporation is established (stated capital:3 Mil JPY)
The second "Ramen no Mamezo" opens in Koshigaya. (-> closed in 2007)
The third "Ramen no Mamezo" opens in Kita-Koshigaya.
The 4th "Raman no Mamezo" opens in Kasukabe.
The first "Men-chubo Banburu" opens in Higashi-Kawaguchi
The first "Ramen Banburu" opens in Musashi urawa.
The first "Ibukuromichiru" opens in Matsudo.
The first "TEPPAN Daitanfuteki" opens in Soka (-> closed in 2013.9)
Changes the company name "Beans Corporation" to "JINCLE co.,Ltd" (stated capital increased to 30 mil JPY)
Renewed shop in Matsudo to "Gatsu-mori Ramen Michiru-ya"
Gyokai-kei Chuka-soba*1 Monpachi opens in Omiya. *1 Seafood flavored chinese noodle restaurant.
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen*2 Yorozu opens in Urawa-Misono. *2 Ramen in pork bone soup restaurant.
Ramen Banburu opens in Asaka.
Ramen Banburu opens in Warabi.
Ramen Banburu opens in the food court in LaLaport Shin-misato (-> will be closed in 2016.9)
Moves the headquarters to Soka city.
Renewed shop in Musashi-urawa to "Gatsu-mori Banburu Nishi-urawa"
Gatsu-mori Ramen Michiru-ya opens in Minami Nagareyama.
TRATTORIA & PIZZERIA Legio13 opens in Shiki.
Ramen no Mamezo opens in Urawa.
Grand renewal of "Ramen no Mamezo" in Soka city.
Renewed "Ramen no Mamezo" in Kasukabe.
Ramen no Mamezo opens in Koshigaya laketown.

Renewed shop in Kita-koshigaya to "Gatsu-mori Ramen Michiru-ya".

Renewed shop in Urawa-misono to "Gyokai-kei Chuka-soba Monpachi".
Renewed shop in Warabi to "Shina soba Tomisei".
Kitaya Shoten opens in Fujimino.
Ramen no Mamezo opens in Shobu.
Men-chubo Banburu opens in Koshigaya-higashiguchi.
Renewed shop in Fujimino to "Men-chubo Banburu".
Ramen no Mamezo opens in Misato Ekimae.
Nichigetsudo opens in Misato.
Nichigetsudo opens in Asaka.
Nichigetsudo opens in Toda.
Renewed shop in Koshigayahigashi to "Nichigetsudo".
Nichigetsudo opens in Misato Togasaki.
Renewed shop in Warabi to "Nichigetsudo".
Renewed shop in Minaminagareyama to "Nichigetsudo".
Nichigetsudo opens in Yonohonmachi.
Nichigetsudo opens in Urawa Saido.
Nichigetsudo opens in Shiki.sta Higashiguchi.
Nichigetsudo opens in Kitaurawa West
Nichigetsudo opens in Kitaurawa East
Renewed shop in Higashikawaguchi to "Nichigetsudo".
Nichigetsudo opens in Niiza
Nichigetsudo opens in Kitakoshigaya
Nichigetsudo opens in Shintokorozawa
Nichigetsudo opens in AEON MALL Kitatoda
Nichigetsudo opens in Iruma
2023.5 Nichigetsudo opens in Nichigetsudo atre-kawagoe
2023.7 Nichigetsudo opens in Nichigetsudo AEON MALL Kawaguchi
2023.9 Nichigetsudo opens in Nichigetsudo Ina
2023.11 Renewed Nichigetsudo opens in Minaminagareyama


Head Office 5-21-13, Honcho, Shiki-shi, Saitama, 353-0004, Japan
TEL 048-487-9373
FAX 048-487-9378
Ramen no Mamezo Souka Honten 4-6-11, Hanaguri, Soka-shi, Saitama, 340-0044, Japan
TEL/FAX 048-944-0246
Ramen no Mamezo Urawa 238-1, Nakao, Midori-ku Saitama-shi, Saitama, 336-0932, Japan1
TEL/FAX 048-711-4239
Ramen no Mamezo Koshigaya Laketown 2-315-7, Taiseicho, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama, 343-0825, Japan
Gatsu-mori Ramen Michiru-ya Matsudo 7-7-13, Minoridai, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 270-2231, Japan
TEL/FAX 047-364-1295
Nichigetsudo Misato 541-2, Kamihikona, Misato-shi, Saitama, 341-0004, Japan
TEL 048-954-7099
Nichigetsudo Asaka 2-3-3, Nakacho, Asaka-shi, Saitama, 351-0006, Japan
TEL/FAX 048-487-7375
Nichigetsudo Beans Toda 350-2, Azayanagihara, Niizo, Toda-shi, Saitama, 335-0021, Japan
TEL 048-433-1181
Nichigetsudo Minaminagareyama 8-1-1 Minaminagareyama, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba, 270-0163, Japan
TEL/FAX 04-7136-7360
Nichigetsudo Yonohonmachi 1-3-18, Honmachihigashi, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 338-0003, Japan
TEL 048-755-9020
Nichigetsudo Urawa Saido 1-27-10, Saido, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 336-0907, Japan
TEL 048-762-7700
Nichigetsudo Shiki.sta Higashiguchi 1-27-10, Saido, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 353-0004, Japan
TEL 048-458-0900
Nichigetsudo Kitaurawa East 3-2-10, Kitaurawa Urawa-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 330-0074 Japan
TEL 048-606-3168
Nichigetsudo Higashikawaguchi 1-1, Tozuka Hasamicho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama, 333-0805, Japan
TEL 048-291-0203
Nichigetsudo Niiza 2-2-23, Nakano, Niiza Shi, Saitama, 352-0005, Japan
TEL 048-481-5005
Nichigetsudo Kitakoshigaya 2-131-1, Shimmeicho, Koshigaya Shi, Saitama, 343-0805, Japan
TEL 050-8883-8376
Nichigetsudo Shintokorozawa 2219-1, Kitatokorozawacho, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama, 359-0046, Japan
TEL 050-8884-8128
Nichigetsudo AEON MALL Kitatoda 1F AEON MALL Kitatoda, 1-3-1, Bijogihigashi, Toda Shi, Saitama Ken, 335-0032, Japan
TEL 048-424-2662
Nichigetsudo Iruma 962-4, Koyata, Iruma Shi, Saitama Ken, 358-0026, Japan
Nichigetsudo atre-kawagoe Atoremaruhiro 105, Wakitamachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken, 350-1122, Japan
TEL 049-298-6004
Nichigetsudo AEON MALL Kawaguchi 3180 Angyoryo Negishi, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken 333-0834, Japan
TEL 048-229-5255
Nichigetsudo Ina 1-154 Sakae Ina-machi, Kitaadachi-gun, Saitama-ken 362-0805, Japan
TEL 048-876-8202